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if you ever loved me...i never knew

Hello there, I'm Ana and this is the place where I write a little bit. Writing is something I do for personal satisfaction and yes I'm pretty amateur when it comes to it, but it's a good way of relaxing.

Few things about me:

-You'll find soon enough I "love" many things and many people ;D
-Crazy in-love with Blohyuk/KyuHyuk <3333
-I absolutely LOVE Oguri Shun...why are all the amazing guys taken???
-I also adore, fancy KAT-TUN...all of them are amazing but I have a big crush on Koki. He's adorable and sooo funny,I just wanna hug him everytime he smiles. Favorite thing about this group besides music and personalities is their fashion sense, I love their rock style <3
-Loving Forever&Ever Johnny Depp, the man has the looks, personality, charisma, talent and I could go on and on...if perfection exists then this guy has it;
-Music is my life - I study while listening to it, I work while listening to it, I always travel with my mp3 player and laptop, I even sleep sometimes with music on;
-I also enjoy reading, I'm a nerdy when it comes to books;
-One of the things that recharges my spirit is to travel. During this year and next one I'm traveling around Europe and hopefully one day I'll be able to go to Japan and Korea.

YES! Friend me, comment me w/e I adore to meet new people especially if you are infatuated with SuJu and KAT-TUN the same way I am^^

A SuperSuper BIG MithraBearHug for Hyukka aka hyuknice for the beautiful profile and avatars <333333333

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